Basecage® 60'L x 12'W x 10'H #42 HDPE Square Hung Batting Cage Kit (No Poles)

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Build your own backyard batting cage, with our Basecage DIY kit. Save money on batting cage facilities and practice whenever you want. Dedicate more time for improving hitting mechanics at the comfort of your own home.
Our kit comes with everything you need to build a complete batting cage except for 23 units of 10’ 1/4 standard EMT poles.
#42 netting is made of the same HDPE material, however it's thicker, heavier and more durable, than our #24 netting.  #42  twine is heavy  duty  and is recommended for older players and more common use of the batting cage. 

Kit includes:

  • 60ft #42 HDPE Netting (1)
  • 3-Way corners (4)
  • 4- Way corners (6)
  • 16” poles with 4” swedge at one end (5)
  • 64” poles with 4 ” swedge at one end (8)
  • Net Hangers (45)
  • Frame Pipe Caps (10)
  • Self drilling screws (13)
  • 10’ 1/4 EMT poles (23, not included)

Net Specifications:

Dimensions when hung: 60’L 12’W 10’H

Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Twine Size: #42 (2.7mm)

Mesh Size: 1.3/4” in Square Mesh

Rope Borders: All Around the Net and Middle Support Rope (10mm diameter)

Method of Construction: Twisted and Knotted

Entrance: 4ft Wide Overlapping Door at One End 

Treated With UV Protection

Color: Black

Our HDPE nets are made from high density polyethylene and treated with protective UV coating. In addition, we dip every net in our custom industrial plastic strengthening solution, to add a protective layer and durability for outdoor use.  

Click here to see full assembly instructions with step-by-step video tutorials.