BATCO Home Plate Batting Cage with #36 Knotted Nylon Netting

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There are 3 main factors determining the quality of a batting cage. Net material, twine size and method of construction, in order of importance.


1. Material

You will mainly see either polyethylene or nylon cage nets, they both have different qualities.

This cage is constructed from nylon. Nylon is stronger, more durable and has a longer lifespan than poly nets. Nylon has higher resistance to abrasion, and outstanding overall durability



It’s heavier and more expensive than poly netting. However, if heavier long-term use is expected nylon netting is a great investment due to its durability and longer life-span.




2. Twine size

Refers to the diameter of the twine in the netting, the larger the #number, the stronger and more durable the net is. Keep in mind that nylon netting is about 40-50% stronger than poly, when comparing the same twine size. 

This is a #36 knotted nylon netting. 360-pound burst strength per stand it’s a heavy-duty netting, good for high school teams, or heavy long-term usage. It has great durability and strength.


3. Method of construction

Refers to whether the cage is “knotted” or “knotless”. Knotted nets are always stronger than knotless ones.

All of our batting cage nets, are knotted. This means that the twine intersection point is tied in a knot.

It’s important, since majority of the net tears occur in the intersection, and in knotted nets that point is twice as thick, making it less likely to break down.


    More about Home Plate Batting Cage:

    The BATCO Home Plate Batting Cage is a developed and tested on-the-field system that was designed to assist with coach’s hitting needs, decrease the time spent retrieving balls, and allow for more actual practice time for players!

    The BATCO home plate batting cage assembles quickly and easily.  It can be set up on any surface and placed anywhere in the outfield or expanded at home plate.  It is also easily maneuvered with only four people while set up or while taking down for storage!

    Highlights of the BATCO Home Plate Batting Cage:

    1. Lightweight and can be positioned anywhere on the field.

    2. Fully assembled system is 12 feet high, 18 feet wide, and 15 feet deep, allowing for all batters and all drills.  Deep enough to contain all foul balls and pop-ups.  The only thing you’ll see are fair balls going out onto the field!

    3. Extremely stable.  When braces are locked into place and the tension straps pulled tight, the stability of our systems equals or exceeds any similar cage on the market.

    4. Less storage space required with a profile of just 12 feet high, 18 feet wide and 1 feet deep when collapsed and can be stored against a fence, dugout, outside the field, or against a gymnasium wall.

    5. DURABLE!  Our high quality frame is made out of 2 inch steel tubing which connects easily by sliding together and will not bend or warp when hit by a ball.  It is also padded for additional safety with high quality material for increased longevity when exposed to weather conditions.  The #36 nylon netting, which is included in our systems, is 1-3/4” (baseball sized) and treated to protect from UV ray deterioration.

    6. No messy wires, stakes, or carbines to deal with.

    7. Designed to be used in a gymnasium, field house or outdoors on the field. Open the cage up to its full size, buckle the crossbar supports, maneuver to wherever the cage is needed on the field (or at home plate), lock into place and you’re ready to start hitting!