Assembly instructions

 Assembly Instructions

1. Connect your 10' EMT pole to the 16" pipe extension, to assemble your arch tops. 


2. Connect your top arch to the 3-way corners on both ends. 


3. Connect your 10' EMT pole to the other end of the 3-way corner. Do this at both ends to assemble the frame arch.


This is how the (3-way corner) arch will look like after the first 3 steps:

Complete the same steps with the 4-way corner arches. 


4. Insert a 10' EMT pole at the top facing hole of the 3-way corner. Do this at both ends. For the 50' cage you will need to attach 16” and 28” poles (included in the kit) to the frame corners, in addition to the 10' EMT pole to make it longer. For the 60' cage you will need to attach 64” poles (included in the kit). See our more detailed instructions below. 


5. Flip the arch with EMT poles 90 degrees, so that the arch tops are on the ground and legs (with end caps) are facing up.  


6. Attach the top arch, with 4-way corners that you assembled earlier, by inserting the 4 way-corners to both arch tops.


You will end up with the first section of your frame upside down:


7. Lay the cage on the side of the legs and turn it upside down, so that the four legs are on the ground. The cage is not fragile and flexible (to withstand wind):


8. Repeat step 4 by attaching the 10' EMT pipe to 4-way arch (instead of 3-way). Put up your frame arch on the frame section you build.  


9. Attach both sides of the poles to the 4-way frame corners and tighten with screws. 

Repeat these steps depending on the length of your cage to finish up your frame.


10. To hang your net, loop the net hangers on the frame and lay out the net inside you cage frame. Make sure that the three top support ropes are facing upwards. 


11. Take the 3 top loops at the end of the net and attach them one by one to the 3 evenly spaced net hangers at the end top arch of your net. Do the same to the other end. 


12. Attach the netting to the remaining net hangers. 


Enjoy your batting cage!