Wheelhouse Batting Cage with #36 Knotted Nylon Netting

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There are 3 main factors determining the quality of a batting cage. Net material, twine size and method of construction, in order of importance.


1. Material

You will mainly see either polyethylene or nylon cage nets, they both have different qualities.

This cage is constructed from nylon. Nylon is stronger, more durable and has a longer lifespan than poly nets. Nylon has higher resistance to abrasion, and outstanding overall durability

It’s heavier and more expensive than poly netting. However, if heavier long-term use is expected nylon netting is a great investment due to its durability and longer life-span.


2. Twine size

Refers to the diameter of the twine in the netting, the larger the #number, the stronger and more durable the net is. Keep in mind that nylon netting is about 40-50% stronger than poly, when comparing the same twine size. 

This is a #36 knotted nylon netting. 360-pound burst strength per stand It’s a heavy-duty netting, good for high school teams, or heavy long-term usage. It has great durability and strength.


3. Method of construction

Refers to whether the cage is “knotted” or “knotless”. Knotted nets are always stronger than knotless ones.

All of our batting cage nets, are knotted. This means that the twine intersection point is tied in a knot.

It’s important, since majority of the net tears occur in the intersection, and in knotted nets that point is twice as thick, making it less likely to break down.


Pick the best size for your needs: 

  • 40′ (requires 23 poles) – for younger players and/or small yards
  • 50′ (requires 28 poles) – good for all ages
  • 60′ (requires 33 poles) – most popular and versatile
  • 70′ (requires 38 poles) – best for live hitting with live pitching


What’s included:

  • Free shipping in continental United States, extra to AK, HI, and Canada.
  • #36 knotted nylon netting – 360 pound burst strength per strand or 1520 pounds per mesh. Heavy duty netting, good for high school teams or heavy use.
  • All frame connectors – 6 sides, 4 corners.
  • A complete L-screen.
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What you have to buy:  

23, 28, 33 or 38 frame poles (respectively to the cage length).  

These are 3/4″ electrical conduit.  Standard 10′ long and readily available at places like Lowe’s or Home Depot. 


Other advantages of the cage  

Long-term investment

The netting is draped over the frame and not attached anywhere to the frame.  Because of this, the net can give, there is less wear and tear and abrasion on the net, hence longer life and more years of trouble free use for you.

While we can't say for certain how long your net will last we are hearing that a lot of nets last between 5 and 10 years before some minor repair is needed.  


Carry it anywhere!

This backyard batting cage - is PORTABLE!  Two people can put up the cage in under 30 minutes.  It comes down in even less time.  The L-screen is portable too, its support legs come off and the screen folds in half.  

Assemble in a flash!

The assembly instructions are easy to follow.  Others’ are lengthy and complicated, involving snap hooks, turnbuckles, aircraft cable, cutting tubing to certain lengths and requiring some to have a "swedge" ends while others don't.  And the list goes on.  

This system requires no cutting or no additional hardware to buy.  You just buy the standard 10' long 3/4" EMT poles and you're ready to go.  You will need a 7/16" wrench, we use a ratchet or socket wrench, assembly goes faster that way.  That's it.  


Will Fit Any Yard!

Does your yard taper?  Is your ground uneven?  Is your yard too short?  Not a problem - this batting cage will fit.  Put up as few or as many sections as you like, up to the length of your cage. 

Each section is 10' long.  It automatically fits the contour of your ground, which does not have to be level.  It can be adjusted to fit narrower confines and can even be tapered to fit odd shaped spaces. 


Indoors or Outdoors? Why not both?

Not only does it make a great outdoor batting cage, it can be taken indoors during inclement weather or during winter to keep your players in shape.  


 What’s included:

  • Free shipping in continental United States, extra to AK, HI, and Canada.
  • #36 knotted nylon netting – 360 pound burst strength per strand or 1520 pounds per mesh.  
  • All frame connectors – 6 sides, 4 corners.