Wheelhouse #42 HDPE Batting Cage with Frame Corners

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There are 3 main factors determining the quality of a batting cage. Net material, twine size and method of construction, in order of importance.


1. Material

You will mainly see either polyethylene or nylon cage nets, they both have different qualities.

This cage is constructed from polyethylene. Poly is cheaper than nylon and doesn’t absorb water, preventing shrinkage and can maintain its strength longer in wet environments, compared to nylon nets.

Polyethylene is overall weaker than nylon and has a shorter lifespan. However, due to the lower price this net is a great option for entry-level hitters, family use, or residents of a wet climate if kept outside.


2. Twine size

Refers to the diameter of the twine in the netting, the larger the #number, the stronger and more durable the net is. Keep in mind that nylon netting is about 40-50% stronger than poly, when comparing the same twine size. 

This is a #42 knotted poly netting. It is great for heavier use and above intermediate hitters or for buyers prioritising budget. This net should last around 4-5 year, before potentially needing repair.

Each fiber is treated with TWO chemicals to protect the premium polymer blend (polyethylene) against the sun and enables the netting to retain its strength for a longer period of time.

     Our #42 twisted poly is the strongest and most durable poly cage we make. The knotted twine resists direct impact usage better. It withstands the elements and is excellent for outdoor and commercial applications.


    3. Method of construction

    Refers to whether the cage is “knotted” or “knotless”. Knotted nets are always stronger than knotless ones.

    All of our batting cage nets, are knotted. This means that the twine intersection point is tied in a knot.

    It’s important, since majority of the net tears occur in the intersection, and in knotted nets that point is twice as thick, making it less likely to break down.



      #42 HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene)

      This cage net, with #42 HDPE netting, has UV protection molded right into the fibers. Polyethylene does not absorb water, thus an excellent choice for outdoor applications. 

      Since HDPE netting is quite a bit less expensive than Nylon, these cages make great entry level economical cages and should last between 4-5 years.  

      • 1 year warranty
      • Heavy rope borders on top, bottom, and vertical corners
      • Hung on the square
      • One overlap door on end
      • Posi-Lock Stitching on all rope borders.
      • Rib line down the center for extra suspension points
      • 6′ tails each upper corner
      • #42 HDPE Twine size
      • Exclusive: Free access to our online baseball mindset course for hitters. For more info click here.

      • Frame corners (amount specified below)

      35′ (6 sides and 4 corners included, requires to buy 23 poles) 
      55′ (10 sides and 4 corners included, requires to buy 33 poles) 
      70′ (12 sides and 4 corners included, requires to buy 38 poles) 

      Poles to buy are 10′ 3/4″ EMT poles which are readily available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or hardware stores.


      As you don’t have a frame you can use our connectors and install it on our trapezoidal frame.  The borders won’t match exactly but they will fit nicely on the frame.  The 12Hx12W have a 36′ wide perimeter and our frame has a 30′ perimeter, so it will work just fine. 

      Our nylon batting cages have a net width of 36′, so 12Hx12W HDPE should fit similarly to our premium netting.  The 12Hx14W has a perimeter of 38′ and will fit our frame, but a lot more netting will be sitting on the ground.

      Because these batting cages make a great additional hitting station at practice or tournaments and games away from home, we’ve designed each batting cage to be portable and easy to install on the road – get set up in as little as 15 minutes!

      Since the furthest shipping distance within the United States is about five business days, when you order from Basecage, you can be hitting within a week.


      Choose the Right Batting Cage to Meet Your Needs

      No two backyards are the same, so we’ve made these batting cages flexible enough to fit a variety of spaces of all different shapes and sizes, including uneven ground, and indoor as well as outdoor spaces.

      Our economy batting cages come in several sizes for a variety of different batting styles and applications. Choose from the following sizes:

      • 35′ (requires 23 poles) – for travel teams and/or small yards
      • 55′ (requires 33 poles) – most popular and versatile
      • 70′ (requires 38 poles) – best for live hitting with live pitching


      Choose your options:

      • Cage size and length, 12Hx12W, or 12Hx14W, then length 35′, 55′ or 70′ long