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Every customer gets free access to “Intangibles”. It is our online video course for hitter on how to gain psychological edge over your competition and deal with pressure, when it matters the most. It is suitable for all age groups.

To read more about it you can check out "Course for Hitter" section on our homepage, or clicking here.

Buying a batting cage online could be a long and frustrating process. You are bombarded with so many options with different features, that could mean so many things.

This checklist will help you understand the most important aspects of a hitting system and explain the considerations you need to make to get the best deal for your money.

This will depend on what you currently have. If you have frames and poles you will only need to buy a net.

If you don't have any of these you will need to purchase a complete cage. Most often you will have to acquire EMT poles locally, to save on shipping costs.

This will depend on 2 main factors:

1)Size of the area. Make sure you have enough space to comfortably fit the cage.

2)The hitter's experience level. Even if you have plenty of space there is no need to get the biggest cage possible, if the hitter is just starting out or is very young. Smaller cage will allow you to develop and improve hitting mechanics just fine.

However, if the hitter is more experienced or is expected to improve in strength, skills in the future (for example early teens), then getting a cage with larger dimensions could be a good idea.

Netting is the most important part of your batting system. These are the main factors affecting the strength and durability of a net

1) Material is the most important part of the netting. You will mainly see either poly or nylon netting.

Poly is lighter, doesn't absorb water, therefore preventing shrinkage and is cheaper.It is however, not as durable and will not withstand heavy usage for a very long time.

Nylon is stronger, more durable and usually has longer life-span.It is however, heavier and more expensive and can absorb water in very rainy climates.

2) Thread grading refers to the thickness of the netting. The higher the number in front of the "#" symbol , the more durable the net is and the longer the lifespan it will have.

3) Construction method refers to whether the nets are twisted or braided and knotted or knotless. In short twisted and knotted nets are stronger than braided and knotless since they're are denser and require more material to produce

It will come to 2 main factors here:

Budget: If budget is the most important thing for you, then you should focus on poly netting, with lower thread grade. If you are able to spend more for longer net lifespan and greater durability than you should go with nylon or higher thread grade.

Experience/level of usage: if the hitter(s) is more experienced and frequent use is expected, then nylon and higher thread grade would be a better option as it is more durable and stronger. If the hitter is starting out or less frequent use is expected then poly and lower thread grade net is recommended. 

Make sure you know what parts you need to purchase yourself before buying a cage so there wouldn't be any surprises.

For example, most manufacturers will ask you to buy EMT poles locally to save on shipping costs.

Make sure you can roughly understand how to assemble the batting cage (if you're buying it with the frame) from the given instructions.

It is also recommended to mark the area needed (will be specified in the instructions) to build the cage, so keep everything clear and organized.

We offer, nets and complete cages, both in poly and nylon, with various dimensions and net thread grading, fitting all budgets.

Feel free to explore our store to find the best fit for your needs or check out our batting training tutorials in the "videos" section.